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Session: Keynotes
Aaneland_Challenges Regional specific challenges in the Barents Sea
Berlijn_et_Svenning_overhead Challenges caused by cold climate when designing, constructing and operating overhead lines
Session: Wind
Gao_et_al_Microphone Application of Microphone Arrays for the Detection of Acoustic Noise in Porous Panel Shields
Mustafa_et_al_Wind Assessment of wind induced hazards on winterised offshore structures
Session: Energy Supply
Hu_et_al_PV Wind Hybrid Wind-Solar Hybrid systems A feasibility study
Wies_GETS Evaluation of GETS Heaters for Islanded Renewable Energy]Diesel Microgrids in Cold Regions
Session: Ice loads and forces
Petrich_et_al_KV_Svalbard_ColdTech Three Years of Measurements of Sea Ice Conditions in the Barents Sea and Fram Strait
Patil_Numerical_simulation Numerical simulations of punch shear test on ice rubble using a continuous surface cap model
Sand_Fransson_Ice_loads Numerical simulation of level ice loads on Norstromsgrund lighthouse
Amland_Energy Energy efficient operations in cold climat
Fransson_Collision Properties of broken ice obtained from collision tests
Sudom_et_al_geographic Ice ridge characteristics by geographic region
Sudom_et_al_lighthouse First-year ice ridge loads at Norströmsgrund lighthouse
Session: Icing
Wold_Gudmestad_vessel_icing A study of the changes in freeboard, stability and motion response of ships and semi-submersible platforms due to vessel icing
Session: Construction
Swinton_et_al_Vacuum Integration of Vacuum Insulation Panels into Canadian Buildings
Os_Heatwork Innovative heating solutions for Arctic climate
Sas_et_al_Spacers Replacing Spacers and Lattice Girders with CFRP
Petrich_et_al_Casting Winter Casting of Rock Tower Foundations
Session: Oil spills
Petrich_Wakelin_Oil_in_Ice Studies of Oil Encapsulation and Entrainment in Sea Ice
Naseri_et_al_Biofilter Biofilter Plantation Technology for Oil Spill Clean-up in the Arctic Coastal Waters
Session: Challenges
Petrich_Husjord_Networks Networks, Research and Development for Sustainable Vessel Operations in Ice-Covered Waters Based in Northern Norway
Session: ColdTech